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About Ecotherapy

Ecotherapy combines ‘ecology’ and ‘therapy’. Ecology is about relationships – how living things relate to each other and to their environment. Therapy is about healing by bringing to mind aspects of our being that are often outside our awareness.

Ecotherapy heals our relationships with each other and with our environment. It also heals our relationships with ourselves and the way we experience being “me”.

What does the programme involve?
What makes ecotherapy unique is that being outdoors opens the possibility of experiencing oneself in a much wider context. Within our local Cornish environment we have selected places that are both supportive and gently challenging.

Time is spent talking one-to-one and in small groups. We also use the spaces and things we find for creative self-expression. We learn about nature and use simple exercises to help us experience it more deeply. We work in pairs or threes to share experiences and feelings, and spend time alone if we want to.

The process is very relaxed, gentle and informal. Your safety and wellbeing are always central to the process and you can choose what you do, when, and with whom.

Who is it for?
The Ecotherapy Kernow programme is ideal for anyone experiencing anxiety or depression or who is suffering through stress, worry, low self-esteem or difficulty coping with life at home or at work.  We work with you during your initial 20 minute introductory session to ensure that the programme will give you the appropriate support.

Does it work?
Although ecotherapy is a relatively new approach it has a broad and substantial evidence base. See our list of references for details or contact us for further information.

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